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Due to the technological development today, we see more and more synthetic grass soccer pitches, around the world.


The climatic conditions of Cyprus, along with the water shortage and high costs of maintenance of natural grass pitches, are the main reasons to see the advantages of synthetic grass soccer pitches.

The playing characteristics of synthetic grass pitches, are today closer to natural grass more than ever.


One of the biggest advantages is the long playing hours with synthetic grass soccer pitches, which help clubs sport clubs to satisfy their demands academies, youth and the rest of their eams with one soccer pitch.


There are varius models and systems available today in the market to suit every budget and taste.


The most common system today are the infill systems lay on porous asphalt surface. The synthetic grass carpet is fill with silica sand and on top with rubber granule recycled from car tires.


Elastic subase is gaining popularity and adding on costs, since it gives a better feeling and playing characteristics.


As to the models of synthetic grass the two main categories is the fibrilated and monofilament. Therefore, there are numerous characteristics such as, Dtex, Yarn type, Micror, Sticrate, Gange etc, that someone must look for , before deciding which model to choose.


Synthetic Grass Soccer models: